Meet Us

Hi. We are Tom and Ullas (pronounced Oo-ll-as).

Life threw us a curveball six years ago. After being exposed to black mold and metal toxins, Ullas found herself battling an auto-immune condition and debilitating headaches. She went from working out five days a week to barely be able to get out of the bed. This wasn't just a fight for health; it was a battle that put everything we had worked for on the line. 💔🛡 As a passionate software engineering leader, her career was more than a job; it was a part of her identity. Yet, following the doctor's advice, she made the heart-wrenching decision to step away, to focus on the long road to recovery ahead. 🛠💻 But amidst this turmoil, Tom — a US Navy veteran turned financial advisor—crafted a strategy to make sure that this family adversity did not become a financial crisis.

This whole experience, both personal and professional, kicked off a journey of rediscovery and grit. We hit some serious lows, but they in the long run, helped us grow stronger as a couple and as individuals. Plus, we learned a big lesson: making money and building wealth are totally different skills!

So, guess what? We're turning our lemons into lemonade (or maybe it's guacamole, depending on the day). Our mission is to empower professionals, veterans, and business owners with the tools and tactics they need to amp up their wealth and well-being so they can create the life they truly desire. Their ultimate good life.

Our approach involves creating a harmonious balance of rewiring the ingrained patterns of your subconscious mind while also embracing sophisticated yet simple health and wealth-building strategies. Explore a world of possibilities as Ullas shares her personal journey of unlocking inner abundance, while Tom maps out your path to financial mastery. Together, we offer a one-of-a-kind mix of science-backed insights and practical financial wisdom (none of that confusing mumbo jumbo!).

Meet Us


Speak and You shall receive!
We heard you loud and clear and are cookin' up a brand new masterclass to guide you on your path to abundance-ville!